24-03-2017 – Tomm warham
Buxton, A Drift In A Sea Of Snow
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Sunday morning scrolling through Facebook and seeing my timeline well and truly chocked with posts on the Buxton Drift page, it looked like Saturday had been a cracking day for skidders. Tyre smoke all over the place, squealing wheels on every video taken for the day.

I thought i’d pack my camera up and arrive shortly after lunch when everyone had got to grips slips with the track and take a few snaps. I set off from a fairly bright and dry Salford, picked up a fellow gear-head friend and started the journey. Shortly before entering buxton I must have mistakenly taken a wrong turn and driven through a wardrobe because lo and behold it was sheeting down with snow and the lane down to the track resembled Narnia.

Tomms Mx5 snowy lane, popup headlights

After a twitchy few miles skating down tiny lanes on a set of less than ideal summer tyres I pulled up in one piece at the car park and got straight to seeing who was clutch kicking about and donned my zoom lens.

crack on BMW e36 buxton bgw wing

Conditions were less than ideal but the paddock queue was in full force battling through the snow, spirits were still high and drivers were even jumping out of their seats to throw the odd cheeky snowball at fellow pilots. This mean lookin’ e36 waiting to get some track time beautifully summed up the vibe of the day.

To avoid waffling on too much about the snow and conditions, this post is mostly just going to be a photo dump from hereon out so enjoy the snaps.

Also a massive thanks to Dan Rose for the passenger rides and letting us start dialing in the go-pro mount. Theres a few test vids at the bottom of the page!

smoke stack BMW e36 buxton driftingBMW e36 extreme angle drift buxtonMazda MX5 NA buxton drift speedhunters speedhunter wallhunters run the wall mx5 clipping point buxton drift skid 

Sorry about the cheese AF music, the go-pro editor went wild on this one. We’ll nail those pesky moving pictures soon!