24-05-2018 – Tom Taylor
Car Park Excursions, Episode 1: Donington Historic

Any seasoned petrolhead attending a show should know that the car park is the place to find a few hidden gems, and Donington Historic had a few surprises in store as I poked around.

The thing is, car events attract all kinds of people, and sometimes they’ll take the covers off their most prized possessions and drive them, eventually settling in amongst the more common folk. It’s kind of a weird thing to look at a Ferrari sitting happily next to an old Peugeot, but there’s something special about it nonetheless.

This MG Maestro for example. Tell me when the last time was that you saw one of these. Then tell me what condition it was in, because this one was pretty much showroom fresh.



And check out this old Jaaaaaaag… I hate not knowing old car models, but walking around this one, I felt it was a bit of a special one. In no way in perfect condition, it was definitely well used, and kudos to the owner to actually driving it. This is the sort of car that you’d normally see in a garage, in one of those daft car storage bubbles. I can’t think of a worse fate for this beauty.

As a certain Mr. Southern says (regularly)- boats weren’t made to sit in the harbour.



If you’ve ever read any of my other articles, you’ll probably know that I’ve got a pretty large soft spot for old JDM stuff, but I’ve still got a whole lotta love for cool French stuff. Especially when it’s a 106 Rallye. With full on rally livery, no less, and room for race car numbers. This pocket rocket looks ready for business…



Wandering around, there were your ‘average’ Aston Martins, Ferraris and Porches, then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted this very un-average Morgan. It was so low and sleek, it looked more like an upturned boat than a car at first. That doesn’t stop me from wanting one though. This one.

If you’re looking for a car to show that you don’t take yourself too seriously, then this is the ultimate way to do it. Forget your Astons, forget your Lamborghinis, this. This is the one.



Speaking of Porsches, this tidy Targa, again obviously used regularly, was in pride of place nestled up against some executive-grade Jag and a Z4, looking like it was trying to blend in.



This Lotus was doing a much worse job of being discrete. Not that I think it was trying to, given its bright yellow paint scheme. It was interesting seeing one of these newer models up close for the first time, loads of very functional lines and other bits and pieces that don’t really translate all that well in the press photos, or mine for that matter. Go examine one next time one’s around, they’re more intricate than you might give them credit for.



And come on, who doesn’t love an old Volvo or two?



I’m sure you get the picture by now. Next time you’re at a car event, it’s always worth having a quick car park excursion, it’ll always turn up something good…

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