21-11-2017 – Laurie Southern
Dark Room; Autumnal Trackday
Dark Room

I’d like to introduce ‘Dark Room’, a place reserved for when we just want to share some photographs with you. The set in question might be from a day that doesn’t particularly necessitate a full story. Or, it could be a quick document of an interesting build found in the wild. The idea behind Grip’n’Slide was never to solely focus on journalism, but to provide some beautiful automotive media to the world too. These posts will be sporadic and as-they-happen, and I hope they’ll start to give a little more of an insight into what we’ve been pointing our cameras at in the time between full stories. Let us know what you think!

The first Dark Room comes from an MSV Trackday at Oulton Park last week. The circuit is stunning as is, let alone with all the Autumn colours around the place. Plenty of BMW and Porsche goodness with the odd race team winter testing thrown in too.

One for the Squirrelhunters™…

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