Here at Grip & Slide we’re all about quality products, we’ll be teaming up with some companies that provide the best automotive gear going. From short term promotions on select products to long term discount percentages off everything keep checking back to get the best deals around.

Squid Ink Detailing

We can’t speak for everyone, but here at Grip & Slide we think cleaning cars eats into our precious seat time. Our good friend Michael came along and revolutionised the cleaning game, saying give his new Squid Ink Quick Detailer (QD) a try.

Its super simple spray on, wipe down application made us fall in love with this product equally as quick as the results it gave. Dull dusty paint immediately pops and beads just as you would expect a top shelf wax to do without the need for any clumsy buckets or hoses knocking about.

Give it a try now with 15% off using the code provided.