28-02-2017 – GnS Team
Grip’n’Slide Is Go!
Meet The Team

Welcome to Grip’n’Slide, the project of Laurie Southern and Tomm Warham. We’re a UK based automotive culture photo-journalism outlet (try saying that with a mouthful of Fujiwara tofu) with an infectiously fun attitude towards life. We’ll be pointing our lenses at everything we feel should be put out there, from big money builds to antics with friends and everything in between. Covering drift events, telling stories of our own project cars or hanging out with you lot at shows, if it’s got four wheels and it puts a smile on your face we’ll be right there with you.

LS: Ey up, I’m Laurie. I’m a Mancunian with a love for cars so deep I believe wing-mirrors should be an evolutionary trait on humans. I’m usually found with a camera in hand or eating falafel, and I know little to nothing about how to actually fix a car. I’m a Jap guy at heart and probably always will be, but that doesnt stop me needing to wear a dribble bib each time a super clean Dub drives past me. I drive a #OneLitreRoadEater of a Yaris and recently got my hands on an MX5. You can blame Tomm for that. Enjoy the site.

Toyota z30 soarer drift clipping point hay bale three sisters

TW: Bonjour! I’m Tomm, I’m not French in any way but I like to pretend I’m Bullet Tooth Tony from Snatch when greeting people sometimes. My gateway into the modified car world was the dub scene, I longed for a clean slammed polo for my first car after passing my test. In reality all I could afford at the time was Punto but this didn’t stop me, 7 years after passing my test I’d gone through a fair number of dubs owning a 6n2 polo, mk3 golf and a 1300 71’ beetle which lead me onto my next love, the humble (underpowered) mx5. I’m currently still in my Mazda love affair, trying not to be a #KerbSurgeon whilst driving my turbo’d Jap import mx5 which I’ve aptly named the blue devil. I’ve joined up with Laurie to create what will hope will be a funny, somewhat informative blog of all aspects of UK car culture, whilst allowing me to stop neglecting my camera!

We’ve got big things planned for the year and beyond! We aim to bring you some of the most aesthetically pleasing car culture coverage around. Our merch store will be opening soon, we’ll be attending plenty of meets and shows up and down the UK and maybe even holding a few of our own too. With cars to feature, onboard videos to film, and stories to tell, it’s going to be one exciting year for GnS and all of you involved with us!

Just as a little treat, enjoy this little photo dump of some of our favourites from the year behind us. Just as a teaser of what’s to come.

Dirty e30 BMW three sisters drift