15-01-2018 – Laurie Southern
Motorsport History Made Beautiful

Time to blow off the cobwebs from the festive period! There’s a whole year of gripping and sliding warming up right in front of us. I thought I’d kick off by introducing something new to Grip’n’Slide – media sharing. I’m forever reading/watching things from the furthest corners of car culture and every now and again I come across something I want to share with people. Let’s get to it.

In my last post I briefly mentioned that the goal for Grip’n’Slide isn’t just to provide the world with our own take on Journalism. We want to share all things automotive with you, be it from our own cameras and minds or the work of others. The world is full of interesting media, both on the internet and in physical form, centered around the things we all have a passion for; Cars.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been reading car magazines for as long as you can remember. Everywhere I go there’s one in my bag. The stockpiles of back issues that gather dust in the spare bedroom aren’t getting any smaller. The first one I recall reading was Top Gear, probably the most popular in the UK. The more I immersed myself in car culture over the years, the more magazines I took interest in. I’ve always had a love for print, so my choices are usually heavily influenced by the feel and design of a particular publication, as well as the quality of the content. In steps AUTOMOBILSPORT Magazine.

The quarterly celebration of Motorsport history is one of the most beautiful and well-written magazines I’ve ever come across. Written and printed in Germany, it has a large focus on European stories and articles from years’ past. The writers are hugely knowledgeable, making each one hugely interesting to read. It helps when the photography is stellar, too.

The first section is adorned with previews of events happening all over the world. It’s a great way to find out what might be happening near you in an age where Facebook events hail king.

Next follows a collection of obituaries of influential people who have sadly passed. I find this a nice touch, and a chance to find out about some pretty incredible characters who have shaped the culture we love so much over the years.

The cover story of each issue is the golden ball. Page after page of glorious stories and information about the quarter’s chosen subject. Renault’s history at Le Mans is not something I’ve looked up in the past, however I found myself wanting to know more and more with each section.

Whether or not you go out and grab yourself a copy is up to you. I just wanted to share something I’m glad I found. I can’t wait for the next issue.

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