05-04-2018 – Tom Taylor
Out Of The Blue: The S14 Of Dreams

It’s always good when a friend you’ve not seen for a while gets back in touch. You know the one, you don’t speak for an age, but it’s not awkward when you see each other again. This was one of those times.

I met Connor a long while ago through the Sheffield MX5 group (just can’t seem to get away from them no matter where you go!), and he was the proud owner of a stunning MK2.5 in the nicest shade of deep blue you’re likely to see, and the car was built… properly. Attention to detail stuff. Attention that he’s now lavished on his 200SX S14.

Out of the blue came a quick message asking if I was available. It was Easter weekend, and I had nothing to do, of course I’d love to shoot Connor’s newly painted, newly shoed slice of JDM goodness.

Bear in mind, the last car I’d seen of his was the aforementioned MX5, I’d not laid eyes on this new wonder either in it’s standard form, let alone modified. 

And modified it is. Nothing outrageous, mind you, but enough to draw a LOT of attention from the right people. Even as this mini-shoot took place, passers-by slowed down to see what was happening, a cool little modded Suzuki Swift drove up to us, but left as soon as he saw 3 slightly puzzled looking strangers looking over…

Let’s start at the biggest change that’s been made… this car was once black. No longer. The white pearl pops like you’ve never seen, and couldn’t be further from the car’s original hue. It really stands out, making this one of the most eye-catching cars on the road. I can’t overstate quite how much this thing stands out on the road.

The body’s become a little more aggressive than the designers over at Nissan probably would have liked, the S14 was always a little on the conservative side. Rocket Bunny and Origin provide the attitude, and Dmaxx drops the altitude, increasing the angry. The old formula of lower and wider has been well used here. It’s obvious that this isn’t your average white eurobox.

There’s a stark contrast to the American-chat-show-host-tooth white (probably not the paint code…), with the 7twenty 49’s in a super deep, wet gunmetal stand out with their clean 5 spoke design. Much like the rest of the car, it’s simple but effective.

The engine’s been treated to the classic ‘cone filter and Jap can’ combination, as well as the turbo now producing 12psi, with a GFB boost controller to keep it in check. Making sure it all gets to the floor is a grabby clutch and flywheel. And with 10.5” of Falken’s finest rubber on the rear, there’s more than enough grip to go round.

It’s like this car’s been reading the little book of classic Japanese car styling and taken all the best bits, and it’s worked, making this S14 a definite attention grabber. And there’s more to come…

You can follow Connor’s progress with the car on his Instagram, thatwhite_s14.

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